How To Keep The Leather Of Your Furniture From Cracking

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They say the best weapon against furniture cracks is the protection. And leather furniture is the best example of this saying. Indeed, when it comes to leather furniture, protecting it is the very first thing you need to consider. Because, in 3 of any 5 cases with damages, it is impossible to get rid of them. Even if you use professional furniture repair or cleaning services! And cracks are the worst emergency situations that can happen to you when it comes to SOS help for leather furniture. Instead of putting you in a position of a saviour in such an emergency situation, we offer you the best ways to keep the leather of your furniture from cracking:

  • Proper cleaning
  • This is the very first thing you need to consider. The right approach to leather furniture cleaning is the first step for its long-lasting protection. Make sure you dust furniture at least 3 times per week. When you thoroughly clean the leather furniture, use foam detergents that will keep the normal pH level. Prefer dry cleaning and avoid deep moisture-based cleaning procedure.

  • Leather rejuvenation
  • This is an additional procedure you can add to your routine leather furniture maintenance. The basic idea is applying a specially tailored agent that moisturises the leather thoroughly without drying it. Here is where we need to remind you that genuine leather is a kind of skin. And just like your facial dry skin, when it gets dry, it cracks badly.

  • Avoid exposure of unpleasant factors
  • First of all, make sure direct sunlight does not fall onto the leather furniture surface. Also, avoid organic and human oils and sweating to soak deeply inside the furniture. Be aware that if the leather furniture is at the outdoors, wind and rain are also very harmful to it.

How to repair the cracked leather furniture?

Yet, if you failed in the leather furniture protection, you need a backup plan. We have few solutions for you in this case:

  • Re-dye the cracked zone. In most cases, this is a solution you apply, when the crack is old or too tough to be reduced.
  • Apply leather balm, if the crack was recently seen or made. It is good for the inner moisturising.
  • Purchase commercial leather condition with “filler” option for already made cracks.

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