Trusted Leather Sofa Cleaning in London

According to a recent research, more than 65% of today’s UK homes have leather furniture. About 85% of the audience say that this is the most elegant and classical manner of organising a home or office environment.

Leather sofa cleaners

If you are already a leather sofa owner, you know more than anyone else that keeping such furniture clean and shiny might be a harsh task. To have a reliable cleaning company by your side is always the smartest choice you can make.

We want to make you an offer you would not be able to resists – budget-friendly leather sofa cleaning services with all these bonuses:

  • Competitive prices
  • Payment methods: credit and debit cards
  • Adaptable schedules, no rescheduling fees when 48-hour notice is given
  • Eco-friendly policy
  • All cleaning materials provided

We offer you domestic and commercial sofa cleaning at a fraction of the cost! We guarantee you full customer support services. Don’t hesitate and give us a call on 020 3746 5230 to make a direct order or to ask a question. We are here to serve your demands at a full value.

The Essential Guide to Our Cleaning Service

We recommend a preliminary visitation by our experts. The well-trained, helpful and hardworking cleaners will examine your sofa in advance. Whether it is a big couch or a divan, we will make few tests with our detergents to make sure that we will avoid any damages. Please, keep in mind that we work with 100% hazard-free and organic products only. Your pets and your children are at safe. The enthusiastic and motivated cleaners London are vetted and insured. Be sure that in any case of omission, we will cover the damages.

Below you will see the full guide to the comprehensive leather sofa cleaning procedure:

– Special leather rejuvenator is applied to keep the pH balance in normal level.v
– Conditioner is always used to restore the softness and the moisture of the furniture.

– Foam detergent is the best remedy that you can find on the market. We use it to keep the delicate material intact and to avoid shrinking or tearing.

– Bad odour and deodorising effect can be also included in the service

– Dusting is careful and attentive and if you have a pet, we can also remove the pet hairs

NOTE: We do not clean mat leather as it is usually not protected with a rejuvenating solution, thus it wears down pretty quickly. If we clean mat leather, its colour will mist likely change.

Why To Choose Our Top Rated Cleaning Company

Holmes’ Leather Cleaning is an experienced cleaning provider in London. This is definitely not the only strong point we can boast with. Below, you can see the other benefits you get with our competitive leather sofa cleaning service in London:

    • Equipment and detergents – efficient professional equipment, Prochem products

Professional leather cleaning

  • Cleaners – trained and certified by Prochem
  • Company policy – eco-friendly products, customer comes first
  • Service – includes protective pads under furniture; inspection prior treatment to ensure best results; deodorising upon request; stain treatment included
  • Customer Support – free viewings, service available 7 days a week
  • Insurance – included in the price


We clean all sofa types!

Book The Expert Leather Sofa Cleaners in London

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