How NOT to Decorate Your Lovely Home

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We will show you 6 simple ‘rules’ of house decoration. Feel free to ignore them, but we are more than certain that it will be of great help 😉

Let us start with a single rule that you may apply.  Each and every room is good enough. You simply have to decorate it. A suitable mascara could always do the job. Always. There is no need for you to take it too seriously though. Please, relax and follow a few ‘guidelines’. Sometimes a proper furniture rotation could have amazing results.

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Too Small Rug

It could be a disaster. The room would like smaller and somehow uncomfortable. A proper choice here would be to go beyond the edges of the biggest furniture in the room. Standard 3-foot sofa means 5-foot rug etc. You can never go wrong that way.


No Natural Light

Having no natural light coming in your room is a bad idea. Really bad. Your living room, for example, will be uninviting and dark. Don’t get me wrong. If you want to watch a movie or something – yeah sure. Make it dark. We are talking in general here. Secondly, that would also mean avoid placing and peace of home furniture near the windows. Especially if they are small.


No Furniture Near the Wall

At first, it might look like the other way around. Well, it is not. Try to put them somewhere else. Or at least not near your walls. They have to ‘breathe’.


Decorating a Wall with only One Picture

This is a common mistake. Yes, you may like it a lot but try to put it somewhere else. You can always buy or find additional pieces of art and put them next to ‘the one’. It would feel better and trust us on this it would look astonishing.


Blocking the View of the Room

Putting a sofa facing the fireplace or the window would generally block the view when you walk in. You have to take adequate measures. Yes, it’s beautiful to look at the cozy fire or watch the mountain through your window. But, this would not be the first look of a guest. Be careful. You want to show him/her the room after all.


White is Not Always the Colour

By assumption, if you paint a wall in white the room would look bigger. Yes, but not always. Especially if there is no natural light or wide windows. The colours could vary a lot. Green, pink, warm yellow or dusty orange – it’s on you.

If you want your home always to me nice and cozy, it’s also a good idea to consider professional cleaning at least once or twice a year.

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