We are proud to tell you that our recognised cleaning company receives 15 thousand new happy customers each year. Most of them come to our company due to a recommendation by another customer. The 95% of the feedback on our top-notch leather sofa cleaning services in London is positive. Check out a small extract of the testimonials the clients leave for Holmes’ Leather Cleaning.

“I regularly use the leather sofa cleaning service. My home is furnished with leather items only and it is hard for me and my wife to properly take care of them. This is the only company I can entrust my sofa because the cleaners are really attentive. They never leave a stain or make any damage. And they always work, while we are out of home, which is convenient to us.”

Leon Henderson

“It was great to receive such fast and effective help. The cleaners were simply amazing and they even gave us some tips how to take care of the leather sofa in future. Very good company and very polite cleaners!”

Kiera Jarvis

“Used the leather car interior cleaning service for a second time yesterday. The result was great again. Can’t believe the prices are so good! Will continue to use the service and will think about a combo with the leather sofa cleaning service for my office.”

William Thomson

“The cleaners are really skilful, they removed all stains from my divans. What I did not like is that I had to wait for a whole week for them to come. Yet, the final result was worth it”

Lara Dawson

“The leather upholstery cleaning service is really competitive. I paid a small price for what I got – a full disinfection of all the chairs at home. I will recommend this company to my friends!”

Bethany Bailey

“It was a big surprise for me to find out that this company can handle all the leather furniture at once. I booked the sofa cleaning and the upholstery cleaning at once. The discount was huge and the effect was amazing! Keep that level, guys, and you will be the leaders in the UK’s leather maintenance industry!”

K. Abbott

“I liked the good smell of the furniture after the cleaning. Usually, I don’t have many stains on my sofa to say how good the cleaners are. However, the leather material seems to me now fresher and softer.“

Daniel Palmer

“Very good cleaners, easy booking. I was worried to leave the cleaners alone in my home, but I guess I can do it the next time. They were really nice and real professionals. The leather seats were shining like they were new!”

Daisy Faulkner

“Perfect cleaning company! Low prices and 100% organic detergents, which is very important for me – I have toddlers at home! Also, I received a tip on how to easily remove simple stains on the furniture, which was like a blessing for me.”

Jonathan Barnes

“I recommend the leather car interior cleaning service. I am sure you cannot find better care for your luxurious car interior anywhere in the city. And the price is really good. Of course, it took them a lot of time to finish, which made me nervous the first time. But when I saw the shining leather inside my car, I got it: it takes more time to receive more freshness and purity!“

B. Perkins