Easy Way To Clean Faux Leather

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Being a substitute for real leather, faux leather gives the same feel as its counterpart. And as the real thing, it can get messy quite fast and easy.
Cleaning cloth

On The Go

If you happen to be on the go, consider the use of wet wipes. They provide the required level of moisture for a quick clean that you may need. Wet wipes are your best friend for cleaning up a small stain. Whenever you have spilt or stained your leather jacket or shoes blot the stain immediately. Because they are for delicate skin there is no chance of harm going to your belongings.

Get Rid Of Small Stains

If you have stained your faux leather with some sort of contaminants like food, coffee or even vomit, the first thing to do is blot the stain.

  • Get your hands on some paper towels as quick as possible and put them on the spot.
  • Apply some pressure and remove the towel then repeat two or three times.
  • Make some soapy water.
  • Pour some warm water in a container until you have reached its half. Use a dish detergent or in some cases liquid soap and mix them together. Do not use any harsh detergents. They usually damage the leather surface. They will either leave spots or if powerful enough destroy the leather.

  • Dip some cleaning cloth into the soapy water.
  • Make sure that there is no water dripping from it as that will mean that the water is too much. Too much water means that the leather will get soaked and this may lead to stains. So please be careful and try to avoid this.

  • Gently wipe the stains from the surface of the leather.
  • Do so until there is no more stains or contaminants left. When done use a dry and soft cleaning cloth to wipe off the area afterwards.

Get Rid Of Big Stains

If you happen to have bigger stains make sure to work on them in small steps. Use the soapy cleaning cloth on a small spot and clean it as described above. When finished with cleaning it again use a dry soft one to finish the job. Then proceed to the next area and continue like this until the entire spot is clean. If you let faux leather to moisturise for a long period of time you may risk damaging it. This is why one should always use only the required amount of liquid.

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