Easy Way To Clean Natural Leather

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Leather is quite the durable material. It gives a nice shine and feels well. Before we start cleaning our leather products we must keep some things in mind. Mistreating while cleaning may cause more harm than letting the stains stay. Using too much water is also not good. And finally how to do a proper drying.

Natural leather

Get The Right Tools

First, you have to get the proper tools when dealing with the problem.
A gentle hand soap will get the trick done. Combined with cleaning cloth and olive oil you will get all the ingredients required for dealing with most stains.
Before you start with the clean itself make sure to test the solution on some hidden small spot. Keep an eye out for lightening or darkening of the spot. This will state that the solution is not going to be good for further cleaning.

If everything seems ok then it is time to get our hands on business.

  1. We begin by wetting the cleaning cloth with water.
  2. If you need to clean bigger spots then get the entire cloth moisturised. But if you are going for smaller spots, getting only the corner wet is ideal for the purpose. Make sure to squeeze the excess water from the cloth before continuing.

  3. Rub the leather to get the soap inside and working.
  4. You should never rinse the leather with another wet cloth or put it under running water. This is because even finished leather is not completely water resistant. Instead, use a cleaning cloth with the least amount of water to clean it. This way you will ensure that the leather is not over-moisturized.

  5. With a dry cloth remove any remaining water and soap from the leather.
  6. Let it air dry for a couple of minutes.
  7. Final Touch

    Since using soap to clean leather will most likely remove most of its shine that’s due to the natural oils. We will now proceed with returning that shine.

    Use the olive oil and put a small amount of on a cleaning cloth. Now be gentle and rub the cloth on the leather surface. If you notice that the leather has gone either too lighter or darker than you have used too much oil on it. If you use too much oil the leather surface will get too greasy and will attract more dirt. So please keep that in mind when you proceed with restoring its shine back to its former self.

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