Easy Guide to DIY Leather Cleaning (Part II)

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There’s no need to call the professional cleaners for any stain you make on your home leather furniture, nor to travel the entire city to find a good dry cleaning company. You can, instead, do the whole job on your own.

leather furniture cleaning

Here is our simple DIY leather cleaning guide with all the steps you need to perform:

  • Find a proper commercial detergent that is suitable for leather items
  • There is a possibility for some leather shoe cleaners to be not appropriate for leather sofas so read the labels on mandatory.

  • Read the specific instructions about your commercial detergent usage
  • There might be a need for you to mix one part of the detergent with water. Or you might need an extra tool for application: a soft brush, clean cloth, a big vessel to mix with lukewarm water and etc.

  • Pre-treat the leather item by removing the dust
  • Use a vacuum steamer or clean cloth. Microfibres is the best textile to choose from. Wipe and make sure the surface is 100% dry. Wet only if the commercial detergent instructions requires it.

  • Apply the commercial detergent and rinse or begin scrubbing
  • The idea is never to rub the detergent but to be gentle enough with the material.

    Remember: leather might be a thick material, but it is very delicate. Anything can cause a damage: like a crack, shrinking, tearing.

  • Finish the procedure with proper conditioning
    Conditioning is important to keep the pH level normal and to moisture the leather. Otherwise, the surface will get wasted soon. You can find leather conditioners can in the store. If you don’t have any commercial leather conditioning products, use almond essential oil or cocoa butter. They are greasy and hydrating enough for the delicate leather material. Find more homemade remedies in our Easy Guide to DIY Leather Cleaning – Part I.

Commercial detergents made specially for leather items can be also bought from professional cleaning companies. Ask them how to DIY clean your leather.
Another easier way to bring your leather furniture perfect look back is to call your local professional leather cleaners.

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