How to Clean Your Suede Sofa

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suede sofa cleaningIf you are the proud owner of a suede sofa, then you know how pretty but unfortunately difficult it could be for maintenance. Suede is made of natural hide, which means you should stay away from bleach, ammonia and any other harsh detergents, which can cause permanent damage to it.

There are some important tips to keep in mind when cleaning your suede sofa without the help of a professional upholstery cleaning company. Here they are:
Make sure you read any labels by the manufacturer of your suede furniture in regard to the cleaning methods and any specific instructions they may have in this regard first!
Remember to promptly remove any spills and wet stains from the suede upholstery. This is crucial because suede is a natural texture and is sensitive to too much moisture, which can damage it. To remove a wet stain, use a damp clean cloth to blot the spot, rather than rub it in and around. Too much water can cause unsightly dark stains on your suede furniture!
Some older or persistent stains can be removed with the help of an ordinary pencil eraser. Rub the stained area gently with the eraser, or use a specialized suede eraser or brush to treat the stain. You should periodically clean the entire upholstery by first hovering it thoroughly and then wiping it gently with a slightly damp clean cloth. You can also use specialized suede dry cleaning foam or use the services of a professional suede upholstery cleaning service to do the deep cleaning safely and efficiently. After you clean the suede sofa, use a suede brush and wipe the surface in circular motions, until the nap is restored back to its original beautiful look.

You can try out some specialized stain removal products for some persistent stains, but always make sure you test the detergent on a hidden small area of your furniture before applying it to the stain. Test the solution and wait for about 20-30 minutes to see if there is any negative reaction before proceeding with the cleaning.
If you prefer a more natural stain removal product for your suede upholstery, you can mix some lukewarm water with distilled white vinegar and apply it with a clean and slightly damp cloth. Once again, dab and don’t scrub or rub the stain to prevent it from spreading or soaking into the material.

Good luck with the cleaning! We hope soon you’ll enjoy your fresh and clean sofa!


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