How to Clean Leather Upholstery in a Natural Way

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leather upholstery cleaningIf you own leather furniture but want to abstain from using potentially harmful chemicals and detergents to clean it and to remove stains, there are some safer, natural methods to do so. Here are some tips on cleaning your leather upholstery in a natural way, so that you preserve your health as well as the health of your leather upholstery:

Avoid using ammonia, bleach and other harsh chemicals, because leather is a natural material with pores which can be ruined easily by using unsuitable detergents

Clean your leather furniture at least once in every 3 months.
First of all, hoover the furniture with the help of the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Hoover all of the upholstery plus all crevices thoroughly, so that you remove as much dirt and grime as possible before proceeding with the washing because the dirt can become abrasive when wiped with a wet cloth.

Make your own cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of distilled white vinegar and lukewarm water. You can add a couple of drops of specialized leather cleaning if you want.

Use a microfiber or other soft, clean cloth to clean the leather. Dip it into the solution but wring it, so it is damp rather than wet.

Use the damp cloth to wipe the upholstery, and make sure you keep rinsing it so that you don’t spread the dirt on the entire furniture. It is a good idea to start from the top and then move downwards when cleaning the sofa or other leather furniture.

Gently and thoroughly dry the washed sofa with a soft, clean towel, and abstain from using a blow dryer because it can cause the leather to dry and crack.

Always remember to condition your leather furniture after washing it, to keep the leather moisturized and safe from cracking. To make your own leather conditioner, mix

  • 1 part white vinegar and
  • 2 parts flax seed or linseed oil

Use a clean, soft cloth to apply it on the entire surface of your sofa and let it sit overnight. On the next day, buff the leather with a clean cloth to make it nice and shiny once again.

As an alternative to the white vinegar for cleaning, some people recommend the use of water with moisturizing soap or saddle soap but make sure you test the solution on a hidden small are of the leather first. For professional cleaning, you can find a reliable local leather upholstery cleaning company, which uses eco-friendly and safe products.

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