How To Clean Your Leather Car Seats And Interior

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Leather car interior

Cleaning your car seats and interior may sound like a hard job. But when done on a regular basis it is easy. And with the help of the car manufacturer’s manual, this process will be fast.


It is essential that you check your seats. If they have any kind of perforated holes in them make sure not to get any water or cleaner inside of them. Because getting it out later is going to be quite hard.

Begin with vacuuming the seats. Use a vacuum hose and attachment or a wet-dry vac. With them clean any large particles of dirt. But doing so try not to scratch the leather. Or, you can use an air compressor to blow out the dirt particles from between the seats.

With the help of a microfiber towel and some cleaner wipe over the seats. For the cleaners, you can use some leather cleaner, saddle soap or another mild leather soap.

If your seats are perforated, you can use a brush to deep clean them. Again do not spray them over with a detergent. Because it is going to be really hard to get it out later. Use the spray on the brush and that will get the job done. Later wipe them clean with a microfiber towel and voila, it’s done.

When finished just wipe the seats again with a clean white microfiber cloth. Do so until there is no longer dirt spotted on the cloth.


When you want to clean the interior make sure to have the following materials at hand:

  • A soft-headed toothbrush
  • A clean cloth
  • A Cleaning Product (Window cleaners work as well)
  • Some Q-tips

First, inspect the leather that you want to clean. Some of it may be worn out and no further cleaning may be possible.
Spray the cleaning product on the cloth you have selected. Then gently scrub the selected leather area that you wish to clean. Do not overdo it because it may remove the leather layer.

To remove any grain that may have accumulated use the toothbrush. With it and the cleaning product, you have selected begin cleaning the spot. Slowly scrub with the brush in a circular movement.
For cleaning small areas or details use the Q-tips. Soak them in the cleaning material and be gentle in removing any dirt from the places you have selected.

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